Month: November 2016

Bill Nassikas – The Role of Stock in Professional Kitchen

Bill Nassikas spent decades in the hospitality industry working as food and beverage director, acting human resourced director and cook.

When it comes to preparation of good food, most people immediately start thinking about ingredients or equipment. Professional chefs know that it’s possible to create great meals with even the most basic tools and ingredients, and fresh stock is the foundation for a huge variety of great meals. Many of the best cooking schools in the world teach the preparation of the stock during one of the first lessons. The finest restaurants in the world continuously create their own fresh stock and use it as a base for their meals.

Great stock is the item that separates beginners and amateurs from true professionals because even if you buy the best, most expensive stock and try to enhance it with spices, it will never have a flavor as clear and light as a freshly prepared stock would.

At the same time, even professional chefs don’t make fresh stock often enough to always have it available. This is simply too time-consuming and not practical. There are two factors that make the lives of great chefs easier in this respect. The first one is that stock freezes extremely well. The second one is that an excellent chef can build stock into his or her cooking schedule using leftovers and trimmings from previous dishes.

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a professional like Bill Nassikas and can’t make the preparation of fresh stock a part of your cooking routine, it is still important to occasionally make fresh stock, be it for a soup, sauce, or a cooking base.