Bill Nassikas: Becoming a Food and Beverage Director

Bill Nassikas is a highly experienced hospitality professional. During his career, he spent many years as a Food and Beverage Director for several popular resorts. As the food and beverage director, he was responsible for overseeing the entire food and beverage service aspect of the resorts.

In order to become a food and beverage director, you have to have a Bachelor’s degree in food management or hospitality management. Through the course of the program, you will learn about hiring, menu planning, training, event management, purchasing and inventory control, marketing, and other related skills. Once you receive your degree you will need to gain experience in the field. The experience will help you to gain insight into the field and gain confidence working in a kitchen or restaurant environment.

Food and beverage directors are ultimately tasked with all the purchasing decisions, human resource decisions, as well as which products to carry and the design of the menu. They are responsible for implementing training and overseeing all aspects of guest services. Successful food and beverage directors are creative individuals who take initiative and establish standards for the entire food and beverage operations of a company.

Bill Nassikas is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Westroc Hospitality, a company he founded in 1999. Before starting the company, he served as a Food and Beverage Director for Deer Valley ski resort in Park City, Utah.


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